Hagens Media is a one-stop-shop for shooting, editing, and producing a wide range of videos. We can provide the perfect mixture of aerial and ground-level photos and videos to make any story come to life. We have worked with a wide range of real estate, corporate, event, and small businesses to produce stunning videos in the Charlotte area and beyond. All drone aerial photography is done under the guidelines of the FAA regulations and shot using three-axis gimbals and stabilizers to produce the smoothest video possible.

  • Let us help you make awesome cinematography, real estate photos & video, testimonial, or film an event from the sky.

real estate drone shots

Custom photography perfectly fine-tuned and edit from the sky for your real estate listings.

3 Camera video shoot with aerial flyovers and b-roll.

DJI4 Professional 4k video for coverage from the sky

Video shots were done at standard 23fps and hi-speed 60 fps rates to achieve the right mixture of slow and fast motion action shots.

  • Video testimonial above was shot on a three-person shoot using 2 DSLRs and a DJI4 Pro drone.

    From shoot on a court in Charlotte, NC to a produced video serving impressions online in 1 week. You can view the full testimonial aerial video we shot below.


Aerial Photography and Video Serving: Charlotte, Mooresville, Cornelius, Davidson, Denver, Huntersville, and beyond. 

  • Customer Testimonials Video
  • Real Estate Photos & Video
  • Construction Images and Project Updates
  • Corporate 'About Us' Videos
  • Action Video Footage at 60fps
  • Panorama Images Aerial Mapping & Surveying
  • Website Funnel & Landing Pages
  • Instagram, Facebook, Youtube pre-roll and PPC specific videos

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