Client Video Spotlight

  • Technology 1-Sheet: Move an existing slow WordPress site into an Amazon (AWS) lamp stack, trim the bloat from the WP template, created a stand alone high converting video landing page with produced content, A/B split test, HIPPA compliant pixel/cookie tracking, PPC buys, SalesForce API handoff, custom plugin for RingCentral interaction, automated SMS/Email drip.

  • Produced, shot, edited, an informational videos about stem cells

  • Client testimonial video For PPC & social media buys

  • From video shoot to landing page ads in 1 week

  • Testimonial video #2 for a/b test on PPC & social media buys

  • Standalone high converting web example used on paid ad campaigns

Assume you have 5 seconds with even a qualified web user before they decide to leave your website.

Matt Hagens
Matt Hagens Full stack developer and CEO Hagens Media, LLC.

Using people to leverage a refined process multiplies production; using people as a solution to a poor process multiplies problems.

Tim Ferriss (New York Times best-seller)
Tim Ferriss (New York Times best-seller) Uber/Facebook investor that regrets drinking in Berlin w/Matt

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